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The Vulva Beautiful

Through my own personal sexual experiences, along with my experience as the co-host of a sex talk show, I've come across a staggering amount of shame and misunderstanding that women have of their own "lady parts". I've heard so many stories from women who were shamed or felt shame because the way their vulvas looked was ugly or wrong because it doesn't look like what their friends have. Or what they've seen in porn.


This macro photography project is an "in your face" and bold celebration of the beauty of the variety of the vulva. I love this part of a woman, in all of its shapes and sizes. My hope is that, through this project and projects like this, all shame of a woman's uniqueness will be eliminated. And any woman can look at herself in a mirror and think "what I have is EXACTLY right, and I am beautiful". 


*note: vulva is the medical term for the external female sex organs, which are often incorrectly referred to collectively as the vagina.

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